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AP Studio as a professional photography company has been serving Niagara Region for almost a decade. Our service includes wedding photoshoot, family portraits, event and party photoshoot, professional portraits, commercial photography and more. As a talented, thriving team, we are proudly dedicated to provide an exceptional service with our amazing photography.  

Our Story

My name is KJ, a photographer. I got my very first camera from my dad, who is also a photographer. It's an old film camera, Ricoh KR-5. I really enjoyed the shooting with it cause there was no chance to preview the images on the screen. And it felt amazing while waiting for the film to be developed.

However, I got obsessed with digital photography almost the same time when I met her in Toronto, Rachel. She has an exceptional vision and a great taste of style. She is an excellent model and a photographer as well. Both of us believed that taking photos is the most beautiful thing happens to our lives. "It captures the moment that's gone forever, and it's impossible to reproduce."


We traveled and lived in different places across Canada, coast to coast. We took photos for each other, the people we know and didn't know, and everything around us. We followed our passion, blended the love of photography and our business degrees, made it a career. We are so blessed, we got married, and doing the things we deeply love, and now have 3 cute boys. 

What about you? Do you still remember your prom day, wedding day and the first time you met your baby? We truly believe that taking photos is the best way to store those precious moments in life.  That's what we do, capture your precious moments, so every time when you look at them, the day will revive in front of you.

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KJ Dong Jia

Founder, photographer

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